SSB BART Group Presentations - CSUN 2016

The following SSB BART Group session materials are available for download:


  • Using Visual ARIA to Physically See and Learn How ARIA Works
  • Automated Testing with an Extra “A”: Phasing in A11y checks in .NET Testing
  • Section 508 Refresh: Understanding the New Requirements
  • Building a Digital Accessibility Program
  • ADA and the Internet – Legal Update
  • Lawsuit and Case Law Impact on Video Accessibility Requirements in Higher Ed
  • How Videogame A11y Helps You Reach 100 Million Gamers and Defeat that Final Boss


  • Software - The Forgotten Accessibility Standards
  • FCC Accessible Communications Regulations - Legal Update
  • The Digital Accessibility Maturity Model: Enabling Accessibility Operations
  • Business-Savvy Accessibility – Mitigating Risk and Maximizing RoI
  • Mobile Accessibility Tools for Limited Manual Dexterity
  • Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Draft: Fantasy Football Trends & A11y Issues
  • Digital Accessibility Training Solutions


  • Mobile Accessibility Development - Making an Accessible App Usable
  • Common Accessibility Testing Mistakes
  • Efficient Mobile Accessibility Testing with AMP for Mobile
  • Writing Accessibility Tests Using JavaScript and CSS
  • The Importance of System Surveys & Analysis in Helping Identify Risks and Prioritize Efforts
  • Digital Accessibility Trends

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