Who is SSB BART Group and What Do We Do?

SSB BART Group (SSB, for short) is a digital accessibility firm. SSB sees access to digital technology as a profound enabling force in the lives of individuals with disabilities. We seek to create a world where all digital systems can readily be made accessible to users with disabilities.

How can SSB BART Group help me?

SSB supports organizations in ensuring that digital systems are accessible to users with disabilities. Our solutions support clients in developing and supporting in deployment accessible products and services. We seek to do this in a few key ways:

  • Provide straightforward and concise guidance to our customers on what accessibility issues are present in their systems, precisely how to fix those issues and how to validate the issues have been effectively fixed.
  • Recognize the importance of providing support in a cost effective, prioritized fashion that makes the most efficient use of our client’s budgets. We seek to ensure that our clients’ investments in accessibility have maximum impact on the use, compliance and marketability of their solutions.
  • Reduce the operational approach to integrating accessibility considerations into a development lifecycle to a repeatable, effective process that is easy to implement, measure and manage.
  • Support our customers working to balance requirements for legal conformance and usability for individuals with disabilities in a structured fashion that keeps the end user in sight throughout the process.
  • Constantly seek to grow our shared understanding of the requirements, best practices and methodologies for implementing digital accessibility across leading technology platforms and development methodologies.

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